Bucher, Ray

Ray Bucher knew the Salvation Army from several angles. In the 1970’s Ray was involved in a high school program that was involved in building the cabins currently in use at Camp NEOSA on Leesville Lake. While taking a tour of the camp in 2013 when asked if he had been to NEOSA before, his reply was a dignified, “Yes I helped build that cabin,” he said pointing to the boy’s dormitory.

Not long after receiving unexpected income from the Utica shale industry in Carroll County, Ray did two things. First he bought reliable “wheels” that showed he was a big Browns fan and then he contacted The Salvation Army to let them know that we would be a recipient of his future bequest via his will. It appears that twenty plus years earlier Ray received lunch every day for months at The Salvation Army in Barberton, Ohio. “They kept me alive during a difficult time.”

Thank you Ray Bucher.