Fechko, Larry and Val

Larry and Val Fechko are the epitome of a couple who has worked hard together and grown to appreciate their many blessings together. As they approached their retirement they would find themselves often having conversations as to how they could help the less fortunate. They begin to formulate their ideas and look for avenues to help them turn their dreams into reality.

In January of 2013 they discovered the work and services that the Salvation Army provides to people both locally and throughout the world. To put it in their words, “the Salvation Army is a humble group with little notoriety; we are impressed with their services.”

Sadly, Larry lost Val on April 16, 2013. Larry remembers fondly that the times Val needed help when she was resting at home, she would simply ring the little red Salvation Army bell that had been given to her. Upon hearing the bell, Larry was there to assist her.

The impact of Larry and Val’s lives will live on for many years to come because of their generosity and confidence in the stewardship of the Salvation Army.

We humbly thank them for their generous bequest they have prepared.